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Owned and operated by Nancy & Bill Hatton  ^^click above to email us^^

Boer Goats - Full bloods and percentages.  Add pounds to your herd by using a Boer or percentage Boer buck.  Traditionals, reds, blacks, and paints.  Kids and adults from top genetic lines.  We have been raising quality goats for over 20 years!  

We have some percentage does, 3/4, 7/8, and 15/16 for sale. Also will have kid does for sale after weaning. Some fullblood yearling does and bucks are also available. Fullblod kids, available later, this year, after weaning.

Our herdsires did include 3 Kaptein sons and bucks from Oscar, and Mojo Magic bloodlines.


"The South African Boer Goat has an important role to play in combating the predicted global shortage of red meat. Practically every farming enterprise can introduce goats which will, in the longer term, create the extra income which is so needed in modern farming."   -- South African Livestock Breeding 1998.




We changed our email address.  

We have a new buck!!!!  And what a buck he is!!!

He is a son of  Bingo, and FSE Plum.  Plum is a daughter of Blue Chip, (Sumo x Passion ) Passion (Mojo Magic x Francis) --5/5/06  



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